International Christian Assembly is proud to be affiliated with the Assemblies of God (AG) and a member of the North Dallas Section. These partnerships enable us to collaborate, learn, and work together in advancing the Kingdom of God. While ICA retains its autonomy and distinctive identity, our affiliation provides valuable opportunities for mutual support, resources, and growth. 

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to passionately fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, and equipping believers to impact the world with God’s love and truth.

Mission Statement:
At International Christian Assembly, our mission is to embrace the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as our highest calling. We are dedicated to:

  1. Proclaiming the Gospel: Sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to all people, both locally and globally, with fervor and compassion.
  2. Making Disciples: Engaging in intentional discipleship, nurturing believers in their faith, helping them grow spiritually, and equipping them to become faithful followers of Jesus.
  3. Equipping Believers: Providing biblical teaching, resources, and opportunities for spiritual growth, empowering every member to discover and utilize their God-given gifts and talents for kingdom impact.
  4. Impacting the World: Engaging in acts of compassion, justice, and mercy, reaching out to the marginalized and oppressed, and actively seeking to transform our communities with God’s love and truth.

Through our passionate pursuit of the Great Commission, we aim to see lives transformed, communities impacted, and the kingdom of God extended to the ends of the earth, all for the glory of Jesus Christ.